Action Society

Protect Neighbourhood Watch campaign launched by Action Society.

Law-abiding citizens that are organising and mobilising themselves should pave the way forward for a safer KZN and even more so, South Africa. Action Society encourages communities to organise and mobilise against crime within the framework of the law.

Why more women in
South Africa need firearms
for self-defence

Women, like so many other citizens should be encouraged to be legally armed and trained to equal the playing field where violent criminals threaten their lives. Help us to bring justice where the system is failing victims. Join Action Society today and be a voice for the voiceless.

Mobilise your community
against crime in
South Africa

Never has it been more important for communities from all spheres of life in South Africa to organise themselves to be able to mobilise against the mammoth crime threat the country faces. South African communities are on their own when it comes to fighting crime.

If you need assistance in establishing your neighbourhood watch group or you are being targeted by a state organisation please send an e-mail to:

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