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Action Society supplied new torches to the Missing Children’s Unit and the Community Policing Forum at the Lentegeur Police Station in Mitchells Plain, Western Cape (WC) today. This follows a plea from community members that they are in need of torches for their night patrols. These torches will also assist search parties looking for missing children in the Lentegeur community. Action Society saw this as an opportunity to jump in and fill the gap, bringing some light in the darkness.

“We would like to thank WC Parliament Member, Ricardo Mackenzie, for his dedicated work in the community of Mitchells Plain.  He is a true leader when it comes to community safety and the development of neighbourhood watches. There is a huge challenge concerning gang violence amongst other things in Lentegeur,” said Action Society Spokesperson, Ian Cameron.

He adds: “Action Society proudly supports the City of Cape Town and the WC government’s community safety efforts pertaining to the development and support of neighbourhood watches throughout the province.”

Neighbourhood watches are the future of community safety in South Africa, the days of only depending on the South African Police Services are over. The ideal scenario is cohesion between the police and with the private sector in terms of private security, but the community must always be the foundation of a safer, more sustainable future.

“Areas around Lentegeur and Mitchells Plain have some of the highest murder rates in the country as a result of gang related activity. Action Society believes that the stronger we make South Africa’s community safety structures, the safer we can make the country,” Cameron concludes.

ISSUED BY: Action Society

DATE: 15 September 2021


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