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An increasing number of police officials and stations nationwide are being targeted by robbers for their firearms and ammunition, amid concerns that illegal weapons are fuelling violent crime in SA.

Another major concern is that the  Global Organised Crime Index 2021, which was recently released by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, ranked South Africa 19th out of 193 UN member states.  With a criminality score of 6.63, South Africa ranked fifth out of the 54 African countries. Only the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Central African Republic and Kenya scored higher.

Ian Cameron, spokesperson for Action Society, commented: “The ANC monopoly on law enforcement will simply increase organised crime and more South Africans will die at the hands of criminals.  The ANC is a corrupt organisation that feeds on organised crime in South Africa. How can they be expected to govern and maintain law and order when they themselves are involved in criminal activities?”

Minister Bheki Cele recently confirmed that in 2020/2021, a total of 289 firearms in officials’ possession were stolen from them outside police stations. In the past 24 months, 10 SA Police Service (SAPS) police stations have been sites of firearm and/or ammunition robberies.

“SAPS are fast becoming one of the biggest suppliers of illegal firearms in the country  ̶  while Minister Cele is still trying to remove law abiding citizens’ right to own firearms for self-defence.  Cele must stop politicising the safety of South Africans,” continued Cameron.

The organisation supports the decentralisation of the SAPS and believes this will ensure better management, accountability and performance.

Cameron concludes: “Action Society has great sympathy and empathy for the good men and women in blue that do their best with little or no resources from the SAPS. We salute them and thank them for their selfless acts of bravery while their own leadership is flawed.”

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