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Convicted child rapist elected mayor in South Africa’s Kannaland MunicipalityJeffrey Donson was found guilty of statutory rape in 2008 Along with the mayor, convicted fraudster Werner Meshoa was elected deputy

Action Society, a pressure group lobbying against gender-based violence, called for the new Mayor Donson and Deputy Mayor Meshoa to be removed from office immediately.

 Their convictions for child rape and fraud were public knowledge but the electorate still voted them into office. Above pictured Meshoa (left) and Donson (right)

Spokesperson Ian Cameron said: ‘Residents in Kammaland should know their newly elected candidates for mayor and deputy mayor are both convicted criminals.

‘One is a convicted child rapist that received a slap on the wrist and the other one is a convicted fraudster and both were re-elected with the support of the ANC.

‘One of the highest paying jobs in the local municipality is filled by a child rapist and the other by a fraudster. This seems like a plot for a badly written movie script’ he said.

Opposition parties and Gender Based Violence groups and NGO’s representing child victims of rape have demanded that Donson and Meshoa be removed from office.

They were put into power in a coalition agreement with the ANC who supported them.

ICOSA’s Western Cape leader David Kamfe hit back, saying: ‘The people have spoken and we ask people to respect that they voted for Mr Donson and for Mr Meshoa’.

The Commission for Gender Equity said: ‘We view this development as a slap in the face of the fight against GBV and intend to engage all relevant parties in this matter.’

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