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An alleged Facebook serial rapist from North West has retracted his bail application in the Ga-Rankuwa district court on Friday.  The accused was arrested on 19 October 2021 and is facing 15 charges of rape and 10 additional charges including attempted murder and kidnapping.

“Action Society is of the opinion that sexual predators, like the alleged Facebook rapist, should not even be given the option to apply for bail.  In so many cases, sexual predators like these re-offend while they are out on bail.  The only way to start curbing the scourge of GBV in our country is if the justice system clamps down on perpetrators and they get punished swiftly and harshly,” said Nomfundo Jele, spokesperson for the civil rights group Action Society.

Police spokesperson, Col. Adéle Myburgh confirmed that the accused contacted women for possible work opportunities via Facebook between June and October 2021. He would then arrange for a meeting where he would threaten them with a knife or gun, rob them of their personal belongings and rape them.  After various cases were reported in Klipgat, Soshanguve, Loate and Rietgat, the suspect was arrested on 19 October. Myburgh added that there is a possibility the accused may be linked to other cases currently under investigation.

Today also saw women from Polokwane protesting outside the Seshego Magistrate’s court. “Women of Polokwane” were marching and protesting against bail for a man accused of raping, killing and burning 7 women in and around the area.

“Sexual predators and killers like these two men are likely to re-offend. We need to protect the women and children of our communities by not letting these perpetrators out on bail once they have been caught.  The current justice system  ̶  which allows arrested Schedule 8 offenders to be released on parole without a DNA sample and making victims of violent crime wait for over three years for their day in court due to the DNA backlog  ̶  is not prioritising the safety and security of South African citizens,” concludes Jele.

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