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“Bheki Cele and KZN premier Zikalala are both using the conflict in Phoenix as a scapegoat to hide their own incompetence. It is simple, Cele’s head must roll, as he, and the South African Police Service (SAPS) continue to fail South Africans,” said Ian Cameron of Action Society shortly after the pro-Zuma duo gave an update on the situation in Phoenix.  

“The minister and the premier are polarising communities even further by criticising certain race groups without real facts. This is even more reason for communities to organise themselves into neighbourhood watch groups that can hold the line against crime where the police are found lacking.”

 Cameron added that the law must take its course whether in Phoenix or elsewhere, but that the real cause of chaos in KZN and parts of Gauteng remains the ANC and a very broken SAPS that failed communities on ground level once again, “that must never be forgotten, there is only one organisation to blame, namely, the ANC.”

 “It seems one would rather loot where the police stand guard, than to loot where neighbourhood watches are legal guardians of their own property, the police didn’t show up and often when they did, they simply watched anarchy prevail,” Cameron added.

 South African citizens are mobilising to protect their own communities due to the lack of support from the SAPS, as could be recently seen in Mooirivier where farmers, taxi owners and civil organisations stood together to drive the looters out of town after 20 trucks was burnt during the protests.

 Action Society has pledged to support victimised neighbourhood watch groups through their  “Protect Neighbourhood Watch” campaign to ensure communities can continue with their legal fight against crime in South Africa.

 The “Protect Neighbourhood Watch” campaign also supports the notion that Bheki Cele should be sacked and would like to see an entire restructuring of the criminal justice leadership.


ISSUED BY: Action Society

DATE: 3 August 2021



Ian Cameron

Spokesperson: Action Society,

Cell: 073 388 0474


Daleen Gouws

PR: Action Society,

Cell: 081 233 8351

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Frans · 7th Aug 2021 at 9:29 pm

Cele and his way of handling the problems of SA citizens are absolutely criminal. He do not understand law and how to manage the lawlessness of SA. He is a incompetent bully with no legal liability to protect the citizens against gangsters. That’s why SA citizens have to protect them with their own weapons.

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