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Gender-based violence  ̶  the biggest human rights violation of our generation

The ANC has transformed our country into the rape capital of the world and South Africa is now possibly facing the greatest human rights crisis of our generation. The ANC must never claim the right to celebrate the freedom of women, women’s day and women’s month during their existence in South Africa. 116 women have their livelihoods stolen from them everyday when they are raped and they have an almost 100% guarantee that justice will not prevail.

It must be said that many victims are children and very simply put, would not be able to obtain a firearm for self-defence, but where possibly adult citizens should be legally armed and prepared for different situations they could be confronted with.

Imagine being the mother of a 5 year old little girl that was raped and murdered, then dumped in a pit toilet with severe injuries from being beaten and knowing that the chance of justice being served is less than 7%? Well, that is the case of little Chantal Makwena (5) from Rocklands who was brutally raped and murdered in August 2019. The same suspect that allegedly raped and murdered Chantal was arrested for the rape of a woman in 2018 and was  out on bail.


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