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16 June 2020

The report on the government’s R1.6-billion plan to combat gender-based violence which was recently released, raise questions on the allocation of resources and only 1,660 names on the National Register of Sex Offenders (NRSO). As stated in the report, the criminal justice system has, to date been inadequate in responding to the crisis of rape, domestic violence, femicide, child homicide and other related forms of gender-based violence in South Africa.On the brink of Youth Day, Action Society wants to address the management and maintenance of the NRSO to protect our children from these perpetrators. Three bills have been developed to tighten legislation relating to the granting of bail, imposition of sentences, and the protection afforded by the National Register for Sex Offenders (NRSO). The department already spent R5 255 421.00 on the register in 2010, but ten years later there are only 1,660 names on the list.

“How is that possible? More than 50,000 child rapes took place from 2014 to 2017. It creates great concern about the state’s ability to manage the administration of the list” says Action Society spokesperson, Daleen Gouws.

The organisation further adds that the state should consider working with the active private and non-profit organisations to manage the list.

“One assumes that your loved ones are surrounded by people that are ‘safe’, but are they? Do we truly know our neighbours?”

Action Society launched their “Know your neighbour” campaign during SA’s National Child Protection week,  — urging President Cyril Ramaphosa to publicly release the NRSO as soon as possible.

“We are concerned that government lacks the will to enforce safety and security in South-Africa. Citizens are therefore obliged take a stand to change this by joining hands together,” Action Society’s spokesperson, Daleen Gouws says.

Action Society is a civil rights organisation driven by a purpose to provide a voice for the voiceless. Our team has come together to form a collaborative arm within the community: fighting for justice and change by supporting and fulfilling in the needs of the vulnerable. Utilising the framework of our civil rights system we aim to deconstruct the harsh realities that we see daily.

ISSUED BY: Action Society
DATE: 16 JUNE 2020
FOR MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Daleen Gouws, Spokesp

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