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Why more women in South Africa need firearms for self-defence

Gender-based violence  ̶  the biggest human rights violation of our generation The ANC has transformed our country into the rape capital of the world and South Africa is now possibly facing the greatest human rights crisis of our generation. The ANC must never claim the right to celebrate the freedom of women,

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Mobilise your community against crime in South Africa

*This article by Ian Cameron was first published on PoliticsWeb on 26 July 2021 South African communities are on their own when it comes to fighting crime. People can challenge me saying this, but 58 murders per day and a looted economy in less than a week, not even mentioning corruption, is

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KykNet: “Polisieminister moet waai!”

‘n Gesloer met die toekenning van kontrakte het veroorsaak dat die polisie se forensiese afdeling landwyd ‘n agterstand met die verwerking van meer as 200 000 DNS-bewysstukke moet probeer uitwis. Kyk die volledige insetsel hier:

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Staggering 208 000+ DNA backlog.

Driven by a purpose to provide a voice to the voiceless, listen to the interview with our spokesperson, Dr Rineé Pretorius, on PretoriaFM concerning the DNA backlog of already a staggering 208 000+. #celemustgo #ActionSociety #dnabacklog

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Tech-talk: Call for police minister Bheki Cele to be fired

Advocacy group Action Society is calling for the immediate dismissal of Police Minister Bheki Cele, accusing him of, among other things, a lack of interest in solving the DNA backlog crisis. Get the full story here:

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