Action Society

Fighting for the most vulnerable
Fighting for the most vulnerable
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Who are we?

Action Society is a civil rights organisation driven by a purpose to provide a voice to the voiceless.

In a noticeably broken society, our team has come together to form a collaborative arm within the community: fighting for justice, mobilising for change and by supporting the vulnerable in need.

Utilizing the framework of our civil rights system we aim to deconstruct the harsh realities that we see daily.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a channel that will enable and support a prosperous and safe society.

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We are a non-profit organisation that depend on public support. Join Action Society today and help us to fight for justice and change.

What we fight for

Action Society drives several campaigns focusing on:

The fight against abuse and sexual exploitation of children;
The fight against GBV;
Fighting for the elderly.

A reformed justice system that is victim centered.

Latest news

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DNA Backlog

The current DNA backlog of over 300 000 cases is delaying justice for victims of GBV


10 000 rape cases were reported between April and June 2021. SA’s rape statistics are equal to a country at war.

Bheki Cele & SAPS

Bheki Cele is failing victims of crime and GBV in SA. He does not take any accountability and should be removed from his position.

Neighbourhood Watch

The police will not protect you, now more than ever it’s time for law-abiding citizens to organise and mobilise within the framework of the law to safeguard their communities.

National Register for Sex Offenders

The public should be able to access the NRSO. Currently it is not protecting vulnerable groups of our communities.


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Latest News

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